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... Your interpretation of the songs is totally jazzy and full of feeling for phrasing and easy going.

Your rhythmical skilfullness and presence is impressive.

Above all I also like your timbre. An appealing mix of velvet, calmness and thoughtfulness.

Your interpretation of "Strange Fruit" sent a shiver down my spine.

To not only indulge in eulogies, let me mention something in passing: I noticed a slight insecurity in some beginnings as well as after changes, but it always subsided immediately.

I would buy your next CD at once, even if didn’t know you.

Thanks for your great present in the form of this little CD which will certainly be played quite often.


Thomas Fernbach

Summer 2022

Studio of German Schwarz

Magdalena Summertime
00:00 / 02:48
Magdalena Sister MoonKlavier Georg Greif
00:00 / 03:28
Tachles Vienna 2022

The Very Thought of You

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